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Communication technics I. (KHXHI1ABNE)

Tantárgykód: KHXHI1ABNEKredit: 3
Angol cím: Communication technics I.
Óbudai Egyetem
Kandó Kálmán Villamosmérnöki Kar
Híradástechnikai Intézet
Heti óraszámElmélet: 2
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Tárgy teljesítésének feltétele: Examination grade
Oktatási cél:The subject provides an overview and comprehensive knowledge telecommunication networks and terminals.
A tananyag:Topics to be covered:
Basic concepts of signal transmissions, baseband signals, coding, modulation procedures. Handling signals in time- and frequency domain, spectrum of signals. Converting analogue signals to digital, sampling and quantizing. Audio and video converters. Telecommunication basics: physical layers and its properties. Theory of transmission lines. Radio channel, parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. Analog and digital modulation methods. Compression procedures, the redundancy. Broadcasting: analogue and digital audio and video transmission. Home devices. Telecommunication systems: leased line, and switched circuit connections. Traffic theory. Packet switched and circuit switched networks and terminal equipments. Communication networks, mobile systems.
Lecture témaköreHétÓra
Overwiev signals, basic theory of telecommunications12
Describe signals in time, and frequency domain, Fourier analisis22
Basic theory of acoustics, human vision and hearing (Fletcher-Munson curves). Microphones and loudspeakers, cameras and image screens.32
Analog modulation methods (AM, FM and PM)42
Digital modulation methods (ASK, FSK, PSK)52
Basic principle of Quadrature Amplitude Modulation, I-Q signals72
Digitalisation methods, sampling and coding, PAM and PCM signals, quantisation distorsion.82
Antennas, radio chanels92
Broadcasting, radio systems (AM, FM, DAB)102
Brodcasting, television systems (HD,4k, 3D) DVB112
Switched telecommunication networks (circuit and packet)122
Last resort test142
Félévközi követelmények

Attendance in class and lab is mandatory.

For the signature it is required an average grade 2 (pass mark) or better on mid-semester and/or repeat tests. Schedule:



Minimum result


1. test

6. week

60 minutes


lecture 1-5.

2. test

13. week

60 minutes


lecture 7-12.

Last resort test

14. week

60 (120) minutes


Vizsga módja

Written (test) and oral if necessary.



85 - 100

excellent (5)

70 - 84

good (4)

55 - 69

satisfactory (3)

50 - 54

pass (2)

0 - 49

fail (1)

Kötelező irodalom: Introduction to the use of MATLAB® (Communications and Signal processing) (OE-KVK, Wührl T.)Gilbert Held: Understanding Data Communications, ISBN 0-672-32216-1Ray Horak: Telecommunications and Data Communications Handbook, Wiley, ISBN-978-0-470-04141-3
Ajánlott irodalom: Fundamental of Telecommunication (Roger L. Freeman; Wiley 1999)
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