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The Institute of Communication Engineering (ICE, in short) is one of the largest institutes as regards both the staff number and the number of students trained by the Institute.

The majority of staff has been working here since the College was founded. Formerly two departments were responsible for teaching communication Engineering: the Department of Wire Communication and the Department of Wireless Communication.

In 1979 the above two departments were brought together and at that time, in addition to the special profile subjects, the core subjects to be taught in Józsefváros Site by ICE academic staff were identified. In 1993 a new course, Safety Techniques, was launched, which rendered further tasks for ICE staff, who took part in forming the course's curriculum, and have been teaching some of the subjects since the course started. Apart from undergraduate education, the institute was concerned in several other forms of education, such as special courses, post-secondary (electrical engineer assistant), postgraduate (specialist engineers),
distance-learning education, etc.

The Institute of Communication Engineering maintains extensive national and international relations. Both the teachers and the students take part in international projects and, as a result of successful competitions, they are allowed to continue part of their studies abroad or to exchange experience with foreign partners.